Læssøesgade Skole

Project type: Schoolyard / Public Square

Client: City of Aarhus

Project Team: SNE Architects

Area: 3000 m2

Location: Aarhus

Status: in progress - expected opening summer 2016

The project is a redesign of a public schoolyard, which will also act as an urban space out of school hours. At the very core of the project is activities and skateboarding, but simultanously it is essential that the schoolyard offers possibilities for all types of play.

SNE Architects has developed the concept to include a well-functioning skate area with the potential to fill in the void after the closure of Sct. Annagade School. In addition to skateboarding, the new schoolyard will offer a newly purpose designed parkour area (developed by a sub-consultant), a garden, table tennis, basket ball and numerous other activities.

The project also includes a brand new redesign of the entire entrance area. This will open up the schoolyard to the surroundings, making it an inviting public space. The main idea being that the schoolyard will become a local urban square central to the neighbourhood, and a place for markets etc.