Concrete Plaza

Project type: Public Space

Client: Horsens Municipality

Project Team: SNE Architects

Area: 1000 m2

Location: Horsens, Denmark

Status: Completed 2013

Concrete Plaza is part of a 1:1 temporary test lab, initiated by the municipality in Horsens, with the goal of creating a permanent design development strategy for the town. SNE Architects’ challenge was to design a skate-able area with a series of other functionalities (ex. parkour, hang out, general play etc.) at the existing town hall square with a limited budget. A series of large prefabricated concrete slabs are placed on small slabs on top of the existing surface to create a skateable surface. The slabs where designed to be heavy enough to stay in place without locking mechanisms. Tilting the slabs, placing them vertically or lifting them in various positions, create different series of functional elements for urban play.  As an ad-on a series of coloured steel bars and granite blocks is placed in an artistic yet functional way.

The project proved hugely popular with inhabitants of all ages, and it was then decided to keep it throughout the winter, although it initially was designed as a temporary installation.