Sct. Annagade Skole

Project type: Public schoolyard and skate park

Client: The City of Aarhus

Project Team: SNE Architects / Landskab og Rum

Area: Skate Park; 2000m2

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Status: Completed 2009

The project is a redesign of an existing schoolyard, which was an important spot for skaters since the early 1980s. It was persistent lobbying from the skate community that resulted in a renovation of the schoolyard, with skateboarding at the center.

The renovation replaced the existing rough ground surface and the self-built ramps with a new smooth tarmac surface, and several concrete skate elements. The choice of tarmac was due to budget restrains despite it not being the preferred surface for skating.

Skt Annagade skate was the first outdoor skatepark with concrete skate elements in Denmark. It has been a hugely popular skate spot, but has unfortunately been shut down as a consequence of a significant restructuring of the educational system.