Project type: Competition

Client: Municipality of Ikast Brande/ Realdania/ The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs

Project Team: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten/ Marianne Levinsen Landskab/ SNE Architects

Location: Bording, Denmark

Status: Amongst 5 shortlisted teams

SNE Architects was delighted to be part of a very strong team entry in the competition to design a brand new town centre for Bording.

Our competition entry’s main focus is creating better connectivity within the slightly fragmented structure of the commuter town. The new connections will allow a framework that can enforce the already existing community and build on the enthusiasm that is strongly anchored in the work.

In addition to the proposed new routes running throughout the town, we have planned several highly visible initiatives in numerous locations that will appeal to as many residents as possible.

To encourage less use of cars, a range of connective roads are identified and upgraded to carry both cars, bicycles, and pedestrians – although at the latter’s premises. The route between the school in south, the union house by Jens Christensen’s Square in the city centre and the Boarding sports hall in the north is defined and upgraded to include planting, lighting and safe transitions at crossings.

To new urban spaces are proposed along the route. Communal dining, outdoor kitchen, orangery, urban gardens, playground etc will characterize the one, the Town Park by the union house. The other, Brandtomten is an active space for movement with multi use sports field, open-air cinema, large parasols and climbing walls.