Project type: Competition

Client: The City of Frederiksberg

Project Team: SNE Architects

Location: Frederiksberg, CPH, Denmark

Status: Amongst 3 shortlisted team

SNE Architects was invited by The City of Frederiksberg to submit a proposal for the development of an underpass in the middle of Copenhagen. The area has been left for many years as car park, and has a reputation for being slightly dodgy.

However, at SNE Architects we have a certain fondness for these urban wastelands, and we believe that Bispeengbuen possesses some very unique urban qualities, that we do not see very often in Denmark. And we wanted to enhance these qualities in creating an active urban square. Again, creating a strong visual identity was a influential design parameter, believing that only by completely transforming the area, would we be able to shed its bad reputation.

The design is a flexible and abstract concrete landscape that allows a range of urban sports to take place as well as a multitude of other activities – markets, open-air cinema etc. We have developed a proposal that balances between the programmed spaces and the unprogrammed, which allows spontaneous happenings and a continuous development of the space, to accommodate how it is used.