Aabenraa Skate Park

Project type: Public schoolyard and skate park

Client: Municipality of Aabenraa & Sweco

Project Team: SNE Architects

Area: 314 m2

Location: Høje Kolstrup, Aabenraa, Denmark

Status: Completed 2011

Aabenraa Skate Park is part of a larger redesign of a school area in Høje Kolstrup, Aabenraa.

The skatepark is best described as a hybrid between a street course and a bowl area. This came about as the result of the area being too small for a street course and the contractor wanted a course that was open to the surrounding area. This meant a closed bowl was out of the question. But because the skate area is situated adjacent to the main entrance of the school, it was desirable to make this a hang out area for school children.

The result was to create an open bowl landscape with seating blocks framing the area. These seating blocks also function as skate elements for street skaters on the outside of the skate park. That means you can skate skate transitions, bubbles and banks within the skate park, and hang out and skate the blocks on the outside of the skate park.